How to cancel a Lufthansa flight

When hiring a flight it is important to make sure of the cancellation conditions , since it is likely that we will not finally be able to get on the plane for various reasons. Last minute changes are more common than we think and that is why I recommend that you be very clear about everything you can do to request a modification of dates or a cancellation with the possibility of recovering the money paid.

Lufthansa , like any other airline, anticipates these scenarios and offers you various solutions so you don’t feel lost.

Online refund service

Recovering the euros invested in the ticket is quite easy thanks to an online service that you can easily access through the My Reservations section of the Lufthansa website. Of course, you must do it at least 24 hours before the flight departure time, since otherwise you will not get your money back.

The first thing to do is access the reservation by entering the surname and the reservation code. A cancellation button will then appear next to reservations that can still be canceled. By clicking and confirming this action on the page they take you to next, your reservation will have been canceled. They will send you a confirmation email and they will refund the money.

If no cancellation button appears when accessing the reservation, this may be due to three different situations :

– It is a Miles & More reservation that is not processed through the Lufthansa website.

– The ticket has already been issued.

– The date of the next segment of the flight and the refund request are different.

How long does it take to refund the money?

From what we are told on the Lufthansa website, 75% of refunds are processed within 2 to 3 days (they do not specify whether they are working). Refunds that take the longest are those for an amount that cannot be calculated automatically or those that are processed through a travel agency. In the latter case, you should contact the office that provided you the ticket to manage it as soon as possible.

The refund is carried out by sending the money to the same account used for the purchase of the ticket. If it has been purchased in cash , they will return it to the bank account that you provide.


Changes to the flight reservation

If instead of canceling your flight you want to modify it, you can easily do so by accessing your reservation with your last name and the reservation code. You have to select the flight and click « Yes, change the reservation of this flight «. Of course, you should know that in the conditions of the fare a change in the flight must be allowed.

If the change is allowed, you can choose the new dates comfortably by opting for a more expensive or cheaper option. If it is more expensive, you pay the difference, and if it is cheaper they reimburse you within 10 days. You can also change your round trip flight to fly in a higher class .

The last step is confirmation. You will not have news of the seats , but you should know that the reservation of them is carried out automatically and they always guarantee you some of the same value.