How to solve the most common problems when traveling abroad

Foreign problem solutions
Are you already preparing your vacation for this summer? Well done! And it is that there is only one month left for the arrival of the most anticipated season of the year.

Although a vacation in Spain can be really incredible, many people take advantage of their vacation period to get to know other countries. If this is your case, in addition to taking into account that traveling to Islamic countries during Ramadan (it takes place in summer) or to the Caribbean in the months of August and September is not entirely recommended, you should know how to face different problems that can arise when traveling abroad. The European Commission (EC) has published a useful tips guide. We talk about them below!

Cancellations and delays

First, the EU package travel directive recognizes the right to cancel contracted services without penalty or protection in the event of the bankruptcy of a tour operator or airline. In addition, if a flight is delayed for several hours, the transport company must compensate the travelers and, if the flight is canceled and the passenger must stay in a hotel outside their final destination, the company must pay for it.

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Serious accidents and loss of documents

On the other hand, in the event of an accident or loss of important documents, EC citizens have the right to consular assistance if they are outside the EU. You can also go to the embassy or consular representation of any other EU member country. In the event that a minor disappears in any community state, you must call 116 000.

Mobile phones

It is also important to note that this summer telephony prices have dropped, especially in the case of data roaming . In addition, as of July 1, some mobile phone operators will allow a separate roaming contract before embarking on a trip, in addition to allowing the choice of a local mobile data roaming service provider in the country to be visited.

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As for pets, dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies and, if traveling to Finland, Ireland, Malta or the United Kingdom, the animal must undergo antiparasitic treatment.