Huaxi, the richest city in China

In all countries there are cities that can be considered a must-see, which means that if you visit one, you go with a prepared route to be able to visit various places and thus make the trip much more complete. That is what happens in China , where you can find many very interesting cities, including some that are not well known but that are worth knowing in depth.

One such place is Huaxi , which is in Jiangsu province, a two-hour drive from Shanghai. A small town full of traditional houses that has grown in recent years but that maintains that essence that gives it so much charm. Today it is the richest place in the country, a place where people live very well and which has many interesting things to visit.


There is so much wealth in Huaxi that your almost 400 families each live in a chalet of at least 400 square meters and with all kinds of luxuries and comforts, plus high-end cars are in the garages of all those chalets. The Jiangsu Huaxi Group employs no less than 50,000 employees in the city, being one of the main sources of wealth in the country.


All luxury

The hotels you find in Huaxi are all super luxurious, and although they are a bit expensive, it is worth making the investment at least one night to be able to enjoy the city to the fullest. It is a practically residential city in which there are not many places of interest, but the simple fact of seeing all the well-organized chalets and all the luxury that you find at every step is truly fantastic and very striking.