Hyde Park in London

In big cities there is always a park where you can forget about the hustle and bustle to relax or go on a picnic. Of course, that also happens in a busy city like London . Surrounded by streets with shops, cars, people working and stressed to get somewhere on time and tourists photographing every corner of the city. Hyde Park is one of those places that you fall in love with in less than five minutes.

Thousands of square meters of garden and parkland divided into several areas and divided in two by Serpentine Lake, where you can see a lot of ducks, swans and other aquatic species at the foot of Buckinham Palace . Within Hyde Park, or rather attached, are the Kensinton Gardens, gardens that have the residence in which Lady Di and Carlos of England lived during their life together and that will be where William of England and Kate Middleton live.

One of the most famous parts of Hyde Park is the Speakers Corner , an area where small groups meet to give talks or demonstrate, and which has become the epicenter of all mass gatherings. In addition, in summer they do concerts with great artists who not only make you enjoy live music but the environment is perfect, so if you go at that time you will share a party with hundreds of thousands of people. The park has many accesses from various points of the city, if you go shopping on Oxford Street you have an entrance right where the Marble Arch tube is. If you are on High Street Kensinton you also have another entrance, and many more spread over many points of the city.

Although any day is good, all the people who live in London take advantage of Sunday to go to Hyde Park , and I think that is the best day, since you can see a lot of families having picnics, groups of children celebrating a birthday, gangs playing soccer or couples taking a romantic walk. If the weather is good, it is best to feel like one more and take your food (there is a McDonalds at the entrance near Oxford Street) to enjoy it as a picnic. For dessert, there is an ice cream parlor downtown that is delicious.