Ice Museum in Argentina

Recently, an Ice Museum opened its doors in El Calafate , in Argentine Patagonia, which due to its content and environment is very likely to become one of the most visited in South America in a very short time. Its name is Glaciarium and it is the first ice to open in Argentina. Located in a very modern building, it covers about 60,000 square meters in which they have tried to reproduce the lines of the glacial ice, with irregular shapes and large windows that offer a spectacular view of Lake Argentino and Los Glaciares National Park .

If you visit this museum you will also be able to know all the information about continental ice, how it is formed, its behavior, its changes and, something essential, become aware of the importance of climate change and how ice and glaciers are going to be affected by this phenomenon. that seems to be getting closer every day. It also has an auditorium with a capacity for 120 people and which has 3D and high definition cinema, as well as art, photography and audiovisual exhibitions with various light and sound effects.


Glaciarium is one of the few glaciological museums in the world , and it also has an ice bar, the Glacio Bar , and a souvenir shop with original products. In the bar it will be 10 degrees below zero, so if you have the courage to go and have a drink I congratulate you, because I think I would not bear it, although it is true that when you go to the bar they give you appropriate clothing and footwear so you don’t freeze . If you are organizing your trip to Argentina you should include it in your route, it is worth it since it is also very close to the real glaciers and it is an authentic natural spectacle worth seeing. The entrance to the museum costs one € 14 to change, there are 70 Argentine pesos.