Individual cabins on cruise ships

Royal Caribbean has become the latest cruise company to include individual cabins on some of its ships. The company owns the largest ships in the world and will install this first on its Radiance of the Seas, which is currently undergoing refurbishment in Canada. This impressive ship can carry 2,114 passengers, and will have 15 new cabins, three of which will be individual ones .

The director of Royal Caribbean has described this "bet" as an experiment, since these individual cabins represent a significant change in the classic model of the cruise industry, which bases its business model on that the cabins must always be occupied for a minimum of two people. However, a change in the demographic composition of the average cruise ship could make these types of cabins much more common .

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic caused quite a stir last year when it released a new "study" on cabins. To carry out the study, he put people in 128 rooms of a two-story complex designed to facilitate social interaction. At the time, Norwegian explained that the cruise industry is not intended for people who enjoy solo travel.

What is clear is that a change is needed in the cruise industry since, for example, shorter cruises are being made that can be done by people who simply want to escape a few days from the routine completely alone.