Insure the trip

Consider the following situations:

• You fall and break your leg while visiting Croatia.
• Two days before you fly to New Zealand, you get constipated.
• During the trip you experience a hurricane when you lose your belongings.

If your trip is not insured you will not be able to recover the cost of some of the days that you are no longer going to enjoy and they will not even pay you for transfers to the hospital. Many people, when making their reservation online, click on the insurance cancellation box without going into what can happen during those days. With insurance you can avoid unnecessary problems that ruin those vacations that you have been planning all year. According to the US Travel Insurance Association, there are three types of travel insurance:

Trip cancellation insurance . This type of policy covers the cost of your airfare and other prepaid expenses if you need to cancel your trip. You will also be reimbursed for lost luggage. Some policies also include the financial bankruptcy of your travel provider.
Emergency medical coverage . This insurance pays for medical care and emergency travel expenses. This coverage is especially useful for older people, as it also pays for medical expenses incurred outside of their home country.
24-hour telephone assistance . This coverage offers travelers an easy way to locate doctors and get emergency help. It is especially useful if you are traveling to an area where even English is not a common language.