Isla Cristina

Isla Cristina is a beautiful Spanish place located in Huelva . If you decide to go there one day you can enjoy nature and the beach . Thousands are the seagulls that fly over this place, and both its numerous pine trees and the rest of the species in the area, make the place an inspiring landscape for many.

In this impressive natural setting you can enjoy a unique natural spectacle, "The Sunset Route" . If you can take advantage of the occasion you should not miss it. Contemplating a sunset that ends between the blue sea and the land, wasting its beauty in reddish tones, is something wonderful. A show that captivates all those who visit the place

It is also an important place for fishing. In fact it is known by many as "The Fishing Capital of the World" . In Isla Cristina there is an important fishing port where numerous events related to this activity are held. But this is not just a place to enjoy the beach or the sea, wildlife or nature, or even fishing. There are many other fun activities that you can enjoy while visiting this place in Huelva.

The prevailing climate in this place is not very cold in winter, and unlike in other parts of Spain, its summer is not suffocating, but rather a mild temperature prevails. This allows that both in one season and in another, we can spend a pleasant stay in Isla Cristina. In addition to all this, there are numerous hotels in the area where you can stay and have a good stay, since most of them are four and five stars. It is a good destination to spend the summer.