Jamaica, an island full of good vibes

Jamaica is an island 240 km long and 80 km wide, located in the Caribbean Sea . 150 km from Cuba and 180 km from the island of Hispaniola , it is a country in which tourism has increased a lot in recent years. Specifically since the 90s. Large investments of foreign capital have made the country become a paradise for those who can visit it.


It is a very mountainous island that has a fairly extensive coastal part. The cities, the population and the hotels are concentrated in that coastal plain.
Like any country with Caribbean influence, Jamaica has a tropical climate, usually hot and humid, although somewhat colder in the mountainous area.
Despite being located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica does not suffer as much from hurricanes and other inclement weather as its neighboring countries. This is because the mountains deflect hurricanes.


More than 2,700,000 inhabitants live in Jamaica. The predominant race is the black race (91.2%). The official language is English, with a somewhat peculiar accent indeed.
Regarding life expectancy, despite the monotonous and stress-free pace that takes place there, the age does not exceed the European average and you have to settle for 71 years . In what they do exceed the European average is in the number of children per woman, with 2.36. 81% of the population is literate.


Finally, it is worth noting one of the great personalities that the country has given: the singer Bob Marley . This managed to be an idol in the world creating a style, reggae. Thanks to this, the country became known and tourism increased a lot with the well-known Rastafari movement.
At the same time, they can boast of having the world’s fastest man in the 100-meter sprint: athlete Asafa Powell . The Jamaican holds the world record in that specialty with a time of 9.74 seconds.


Other data of interest

Capital: Kingston.
Form of Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.
GDP : 131st in the world.
Currency: Jamaican dollar.
Internet domain: .jm
Calling code : +1876