JFK Airport Transfers to Manhattan

JFK International Airport is the largest in all of New York. It is located approximately 15 miles from Manhattan . Anyone traveling to NY, whether for business or pleasure, has numerous options for getting to and from this huge airport thanks to its multiple connections.

1. Car rental
For business trips, and if it falls within the budget that the company has given you, using a car rental service is the best way to travel from the airport to any destination and vice versa. Cost: depending on the company, a mid-range car will cost around $ 35-50 per day. Remember that if you want to go to Manhattan or other areas, you will have to pay tolls.

2. Taxis
Taking a taxi outside of any terminal will be very easy, since there are countless of them. Cost: Service between the JFK to any point in Manhattan costs $ 45 (flat rate), plus tolls and tip.
Pros: Taxis are plentiful and the flat rate eliminates any need for negotiation.
Cons: Depending on traffic, the trip will take more than an hour.

3. – Transfers in special buses
If you travel in a group, or do not want to rent a car or take a taxi, you can find these special mini-buses. Cost: depending on the company it will cost you between $ 15-20. You will have to endure all the stops.
Pros: Affordable price and great for groups.
Cons: it will take longer than taxi.