Know the codeshares on trips

Vietnam Airlines has teamed up with SkyTeam, a few days ago, to relaunch its sales. For most passengers, the SkyTeam, One World and Star Alliance membership lists are uninteresting, as until recently the services they offered were not very interesting. But alliances are an important factor in travel . In this way, travelers can save time and money, as well as increase comfort during their trip.

These agreements almost always involve the creation of so-called " code shares " on routes, whereby airlines can sell space on board a flight operated by another member of the alliance, as if it were their own. For passengers, such agreements codeshare means that the list of destinations offered by your favorite airline gets to be much wider with other services, sometimes for less money.

When TAM Airlines joined the Star Alliance in May this year, it managed to expand its flights to 40 destinations. This has allowed the company to achieve a clear expansion in South America . In the same way, agreements codeshare with airlines Chinas are also coming to fruition, which is allowing Western passengers can book more easily and faster and easier routes from the Web site of your favorite airline .

The same is happening with check-in counters , where waiting times for passengers are being shortened. Similarly, alliance members frequently sign reciprocity agreements in lounges . SkyTeam members will now be able to use the most exclusive lounges in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, for example.