Kronborg, Hamlet’s Castle

Whenever we organize a trip we love to see its typical places, but we also like to see buildings or places that have gone down in history for something in particular, either because someone famous lived there or because a series or movie had been shot. If you mix all that with a spectacular landscape, the result is the best you can find.

That is what happens with Kronborg Castle , which at first glance may not tell you anything but if I tell you that it is Hamlet’s Castle , things already change, and it is in this place where the famous work of William Shakespeare. A fortress that is also known by the nickname "Elsinore".

It is in a small town in Denmark also called Elsinore but also called Helsingor (the same name in two languages) and which is located north of Copenhagen. It is a beautiful Renaissance castle that King Frederick had built in 1574 and which was completed in 1584.

Kronborg Castle is the most famous in Denmark and about 300,000 tourists visit it every year since in addition to its history it also houses large collections in its rooms, which are in the Renaissance and Baroque style. One of its great attractions is the ballroom, which is 62 meters long, as is the statue of “Holger the Dane”.

From 1739 to 1900 it was used as a prison and all the prisoners were guarded by soldiers so that they could not escape. In addition, all those who were serving a sentence there were obliged to carry out maintenance and work on the castle fortifications. Without a doubt, a place with a lot of history that is worth visiting.