List of things you should take camping

You are going to spend a few days on vacation in a campsite , well, as for any other trip, the best thing you can do is make a list with all those things that you should take to make those days in the middle of nature easier and bearable. Before you go be sure to check and see if you have everything you need. With departure nerves it is quite possible to miss something that is important to the journey. Take it easy, take your list and take a relaxed look at everything you have written down.

If you are not going to be near a store or a department store, the lack of something essential for your camping days can make you have a bad time and even have to go find a place to buy everything that you lack .

Things you should not forget if you go camping :

-Fishing wire and even a fishing rod.
-Canvas. It will help you cover items you have outside the store if it starts to rain unexpectedly.
-Sleeping bag.
-Lamps (oil or batteries).
-Utensils for the grill such as charcoal.
-Lighters (lighters, matches).
-Garbage bags.
-Rake and shovel.
-Mountain knife.
-Food and drink.
-Ice bags.
-Toilet paper, paper towels, forks, napkins, paper plates, etc.
-Repellents against insects and bugs in general.