London: this sounds familiar to me

"Have you read the book? I think this street appears in a movie . Now we can visit those places that are so familiar to us in person.

With this small guide that we present here, you can visit famous places in the capital of England while visiting the city:

– If you arrive in London through King’s Cross station , you cannot forget to look for platform 9 ¾, where Harry Potter takes the Hogwarts Express . Across the river, Borough Market is where Harry gets off the Knight Bus on Stone Street.

Bridget Jones’s flat is above The Globe pub on Bedale Street.

– In Soho, Berwick Street appears on the cover of the Oasis album (What’s The Story Morning Glory).

– If you are fans of the Beatles , head to Oxford Street and pass by Charlotte Mews, the shortcut that the four musicians took to get to the concert of the movie “Hard Day’s Night” on time .

– And of course, stop by Abbey Road if you want to cross the famous pedestrian crossing.

– After the famous zebra crossing you can go through Portobello Road , to see the blue door (yes, now painted black) of Hugh Grant in "Notting Hill".

Westminster Abbey is one of the major tourist attractions in London and where, perhaps, you have the possibility of participating as extras in a movie that is currently being shot, such as what happened to passers-by in the area that they ended up doing the same when "The Da Vinci Code" was filmed there.

– You should not leave without visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street, to return to the center while humming the Gerry Rafferty song.

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