Luxury hotel for dogs

Well yes, you read that right. They have just opened a luxury hotel for dogs in the Waterloo neighborhood of Sydney, Australia . His name: PawPaws Urban Retreat .

It only cost a whopping more than 2 million dollars and our friends, the dogs, will be able to enjoy services like the ones we are going to explain here:

Accommodation: These special guests will be grouped by size and assigned their corresponding “room”. In these rooms we will find furniture specially designed for them. They also have a playground and a nursery. They will be constantly watched by Nannies with extensive training and experience in this type of "guests".

Nursery: If the stay is only for a few hours, instead of a few days, our dogs will be able to enjoy the facilities during the duration of their stay playing, for example, inside the nursery or in the outdoor patio ( of course, supervised by their Nannies)

Lounges: Guests can relax in the "hotel" lounges, enjoying a haircut (latest trends), using the best products on the market for these purposes.

Spa: Massages and even relaxing baths in stone bathtubs.

Health and Wellbeing: Programs for weight loss and physical therapy. The professionals who work in the Ivy room will help our pets take care of their health and will watch over their well-being at all times.

They also have services such as a puppy school, behavior school and other services that will delight their guests.

Rates will depend on the size (kilos) of the guest, but to give you an idea, for example, a dog weighing less than 10 kilos (Size: Toy) would pay $ 65 per night in a single room, and $ 97.50 in a single room. double room. A luxury .