Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa

North Berwick in Scotland is probably the perfect place to find a hotel where you can forget about everything on vacation. There you will find the idyllic Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa . This hotel has great international fame, mainly due to its spa.

Located just 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh , North Berwick is literally ‘at the end of the line’. When the train stops it is because the sea is already right in front of you. It is surrounded by water with an immense expanse of grass. With all that terrain around it, don’t be surprised if you finally find yourself playing golf in a few hours. The great stone building is formed by some towers that emphasize its typical figure of construction of the nineteenth century .

As we mentioned, it is the perfect place to play golf . If you have no idea, don’t worry as you can attend some of the various courses they have. Regarding the subject of the rooms, the best thing is that if your pocket allows it, book a suite on the upper floors. These rooms will allow you to enjoy the impressive panoramic views that its large windows offer you live.

The suites are very attractive and are decorated with a large amount of wood, yellow furniture and, of course, those large windows that we told you about earlier. The spa is located on the ground floor and is decorated in dark brown, beige and blue tones with some oriental influences. There is an indoor pool, along with plenty of steam rooms.