Did you know that Mechelen is the only Belgian city that is cited four times on the world heritage list?

This small city (approximately 80,000 inhabitants) is located in Flanders about 25 kilometers northeast of the country’s capital. Hundreds of historic buildings remind us that this city was a European landmark during the Renaissance .

You cannot miss the obligatory visit to two of its most emblematic buildings: The Town Hall and the Cathedral of San Romualdo.

The Town Hall: Strolling through its streets we will find at the opposite end of La Grote Markt this impressive construction dating from the 14th century. We can only make visits accompanied by a guide. Inside we will find endless neo-Gothic decorative elements, antique furniture, Baroque and 19th century paintings, as well as a very interesting collection of tapestries.

Cathedral of San Romualdo: We will be impressed to find its immense tower 97 meters high (still unfinished), from the top of it you can see the whole city and even on clear days you can see the “Atomiun” of Brussels to the south, and to the north the Port of Antwerp. The Tower was built between 1452 and 1520, and you can already get in shape if you decide to visit it, because more than 500 steps separate us from the ground to the top of the tower.

By the way, for fans of the good life, it is also interesting to know that there is a cultural route called beer , which invites us to visit the best breweries in the city.