Princess Juliana International Airport, on the island of Saint Martin

Princess Juliana International Airport is considered one of the strangest in the world on its own merits. It is located on the Island of Saint Martin , specifically in the Dutch part. It is the third busiest airport in the Caribbean but it does not stand out precisely for that.

Thousands of tourists decide to travel to the island of San Martín every year to witness the landing of a plane a few meters away. The planes pass just above the beach, only 25 meters above the sea. Despite the fact that the authorities of the Caribbean country warn of the danger of placing just below, nobody pays attention and everyone risks their lives. In addition, the appropriate measures are not taken by the competent bodies, since it is well known that many tourists come expressly to witness this show.

The airport was created in 1942 and was originally intended to be used as a military airstrip. However, in 1943 it was converted into a civil airport and in 1964 a new terminal was added. In 1985 the facilities were expanded and renovated.