Recover old customs

An American cruise operator, has decided to establish an old tradition in his travels. The fact is, that the friends and relatives of the passengers will be able to get on the ship before the departure time and thus enjoy a good time saying goodbye. In the old days, and before the safety regulations were tightened, passengers who were going to go on a cruise could get on the ship to all those who wanted and show them the ins and outs of the boat .

Now, this company has decided that the friends and relatives that the passengers designate, will be able to have a breakfast inside the facilities to be able to say goodbye much more comfortably. This new project has been called "Bon Voyage Experience" and anyone who hires it will be able to enjoy a good breakfast, an extensive visit to the facilities and a farewell toast.

If years ago, this could be done completely free of charge , currently, it will cost $ 39 (€ 28) per person. The first ships of the Princess Cruises company that will begin to provide this service will do so from the month of March and will depart from the ports of Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale.

Jan Swartz , Executive Vice President of Princess Cruises, has commented that this modern version of a classic traveling tradition will allow passengers to start their trip much happier since they will have been able to say goodbye to their loved ones. Jan also commented that they are proud to be the first to regain this custom.