Relaxation and beaches in Alabama

Alabama is in the southern United States and there are not only a lot of interesting cities and places but there are also a lot of beautiful beaches where you can spend a day relaxing. Among them is the Alabama Gulf Coast , a place with a lot of charm that I am sure will captivate you as soon as you see it. The beaches there are characterized by having very soft waves, white sand and spectacular crystal clear water that allows you to see the bottom of the sea as if there were nothing between you and the tide.

Also very relaxing are the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach resorts, where you will find the perfect balance between recreational activities and relaxation. In Gulf Shores there are white beaches, great seafood, golf courses, fishing activities, theme parks and the historic Fort Morgan, site of the Civil War battle of Mobile Bay . Many very interesting events are also held here, such as the National Shrimp Festival, which is held in October while in November there is the Frank Brown International Singer Festival , where several local composers make their presentations.

On the other hand, in Orange Beach , located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you have access to several spectacular inland bays, streams and many miles of white sand on which to walk, play sports or simply sunbathe. It also has recreational activities such as deep sea fishing, a golf course and even a Museum of the Sea that dates back to the time of the Indians and that of the first sailors who inhabited the place. And is that Alabama is one of the states with the greatest maritime tradition in the country. I have not been specifically in any of those places, but I did spend a long time in Mobile and it is a marvel of the city and the sea.