Rovaniemi, the town of Santa Claus

Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland and every December it receives almost 400,000 tourists eager to discover the land of Santa Claus and stroll through its cold and snowy streets to discover the origins of the man in red. Although legend has it that Santa Claus lives in Korvatunturi , on the Arctic Circle, his workshop is very close to Rovaniemi, about 8 kilometers away. You can travel to this small town at any time of the year, it is always Christmas there. It is 2 kilometers from Rovaniemi airport , although to get there you probably have to make a stopover in Helsinki.

The main attraction is Santa Claus Village , the official residence, which is open all year round and where you can visit his workshop, tour the town by sled, send the letter to Santa from his own special post office and even meet him in person. Also, very close to there, about two kilometers away, is the Santa Park, a theme park dedicated to Santa Claus that I introduced you a few hours ago.

At Santa’s Post Office you can buy a lot of Christmas things, like postcards or CDs, plus if you leave the letter in August, for example, they will see to it that it reaches Santa at Christmas. In Santa Claus Village you can also visit the Office of Santa Claus , which is in the main building and there you can take pictures with him, yes, he is not always in his office, so it is a matter of luck since he is probably in his workshop manufacturing toys.

In the rest of the town you can find a lot of restaurants and shops, all of them related, of course, to the figure of Santa Claus. There is even a Swarovski store. In recent years, this destination has received numerous awards for its originality, both by experts and travelers, who see Rovaniemi as an ideal destination, especially for the month of December.