Ryanair increases its rates

It seems that it is already official: Ryanair will increase the fees for billing of sports bags and equipment up to 50% from October 1. The cost of online verification will increase from £ 10 to £ 15, and at the airport the fees will vary from £ 20 to £ 30, for bags. The rate for sports teams will also increase; £ 30 to £ 40 online and £ 50 at the airport.

However, the low-cost carrier is also changing its baggage policy to allow passengers to carry up to two 15-kg (33-pound) bags per person. Ryanair has defended their increase in rates explaining that this way they can continue to have very low rates . These rates will not affect those passengers who simply travel with their hand luggage, as confirmed by the company’s spokesperson. More than 70% of Ryanair passengers will not be harmed as traveling with a single carry-on bag is free.

Ryanair has recently made some proposals that are not appealing to many of the airline users in general: extra charge for overweight people or payment for seats to travel standing. British Airways and other transatlantic airlines announced that passengers will only be able to carry one bag for free, the additional ones will have a billing price of £ 30, although this amount is not entirely exact and will vary according to each airline.

Conclusion : it costs us much more to check the luggage than the plane ticket … we will see that we end up paying.