Santa Barbara Island in Samaná

We are going to show you a very special place: Samaná , a peninsula with hardly any tourism and where life is quiet. As soon as you arrive in Samaná, you will feel that life flows at a leisurely pace . Nobody is in a hurry, just enjoy. In the morning you can visit an old pirate refuge or watch hundreds of whales mating.

This region has managed to remain unspoiled for a long time, unlike the massive suffered by places like Punta Cana, keeping intact the local flavor of its people. If you want to know the true Dominican spirit and become infected with harmony and joy, forget about the big hotels and discover a country of inexhaustible pleasures.

Santa Bárbara de Samaná the world stops. The landscape is a wonder of nature, surrounded by pink, blue or yellow wooden houses. Colors that make a spectacular contrast with the green thicket of the exuberant vegetation. Nature invades everything, it is pure wild state.

The heat makes you sweat but then there is nothing better than drifting down to the white sand beaches and the intense shades of navy blue, the Cayo Levantado islet is the ideal place. You probably can’t resist lying in the shade of the palm trees.