Simple exercises during the flight

During an extended plane trip, sitting for several hours can be tolerated relatively easily. However, for many people this can be a problem, especially if they have circulatory problems . The case of deep vein thrombosis , although it occurs very rarely, is due to long periods of immobility and in people with a certain predisposition.

The best known and most common way to avoid it is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, in order to avoid pressure on the skin and promote its ventilation. Another way to prevent possible circulatory problems is to perform a series of simple exercises , without having to leave our seat:

– Move the toes and ankles, as well as flex and extend the legs.

– Stand up and contract arms and legs. When flight conditions allow it, take short walks around the cabin, always paying attention to the crew’s instructions.

– Tilt your head gently to one side, stay there for 3 seconds and breathe out (expel the air). Return to the upright position and perform the same movement to the other side. It is recommended to do at least three repetitions.

– Stretch your arms up and breathe in (take a breath). Hold the pose for 3 seconds. Then put your arms behind your head and breathe out. Repeat three times.

– Stand next to the seat, put your toes together and lean on the floor. Raise your heels by staying in this position for three seconds. Next, support your heels by raising your feet. Repeat three times.

– Standing next to the seat, put one hand on the back of the seat. Raise the foot on the opposite side, bringing the heel towards the back, and hold it with the hand that is free. Hold the pose for 3 seconds. Then repeat the exercise with the other foot.