Sitges carnival

The Sitges carnival will be celebrated again as every year in this coastal town in the province of Barcelona. This city is not only famous for being one of the most gay-friendly in Europe, it is also famous for hosting one of the most colorful and lively carnivals in Spain.

Up to 4 million tourists come together for a week where the party is the main thing. Anything goes and that is why people come from all over Catalonia and Spain, without forgetting that there are English and Germans who also come year after year.

The festivities begin on the Thursday before Lent and end with the Burial of the Sardine on Ash Wednesday. During all those days the party is guaranteed, especially at night . Indians, pirates, cowboys, devils, drag queens … any costume is valid to hit the mark. In addition, the most reserved decide to hide their faces with masks in the purest Venetian style.

This year 2010 the carnival will be held between February 11 and 17 . The streets are already decorated and the merchants begin to rub their hands. The dances and the xatonadas will be the most watched shows. Furthermore, nobody wants to miss the Sunday street, the "Rua de la Disbauxa" ("Rua of debauchery"), nor the Tuesday street, the "Rua de l’Extermini" (Rua of extermination).

If what you want is to go with your children to Sitges, the best thing is that you go to the horseback rides that are held in the afternoon, much more appropriate for them. Be that as it may, you will have a great time escaping and enjoying one of the most beautiful cities on the Catalan coast.