Sports activities in Liechtenstein

Situated between Switzerland on the one hand and Austria on the other, Liechtenstein is an excellent tourist destination, with its impressive mountains making it the perfect places to take a lot of cycling routes during the summer. If you decide to travel in the area, the impressive ski slopes will also be waiting for you. The region is known for its winter activities that include ice skating , sledding, and skiing.

Liechtenstein also offers its visitors the opportunity to explore its pretty villages and unique structures that are scattered throughout this beautiful country. The region has some incredible peaks that are covered in snow during the winter and are ideal for skiers of all abilities. The popular Malbun Peak is 5,250 feet. The ski lifts around the mountain are perfect for practicing different activities.
Another very popular peak is the Steg which stands at an altitude of 4,250 meters. Steg is well known for its excellent toboggan tour. Liechtenstein’s typography allows for some of the most incredible walks and tourist routes you can imagine. The Gaflei trail which stands at an elevation of 4,920 feet is especially popular. The route takes you through a mountain range that divides the Rhine and the Samina Valley.
The valleys of Liechtenstein and other low-lying areas have 96 kilometers of routes specially designed for bicycle lovers. Experienced mountain bikers can miss out on a few days. Remember that with its high peaks, Liechtenstein is ideal for paragliding .