Switzerland: a winter destination to enjoy multiple experiences

Switzerland is a country with many attractions. It is not only known for its financial sector, as well as for products such as chocolate, cheese or watches. Its territory is home to a large number of places and towns with a lot of charm, which allow you to experience unforgettable summers, but also winters. In fact, Switzerland is an ideal destination to go also on the coldest days. And not just for skiing. Much more can be done to enjoy unique experiences .


Switzerland and snow are two words that are associated in winter. And reasons are not lacking because you can do a lot of activities. For example, in Göschenen , it is possible to take a snowshoe walk through the forest to enjoy the natural scenery and end up in a wooden tub of hot water where you have a drink under the starry sky while looking at the Damma glacier. The experience is completed with a cheese fondue, which is taken in an alpine stable.

In this country there is also the longest track in Europe for sledding , saving a drop of 1,350 meters. Specifically, it is Big Pintenfritz, which connects Faulhom and Grindelwald Oberäll and which also passes through Bussalp. It is a route in which, on occasions, deer are seen.

Another option is to walk with huskies , lamas or yaks , who pull the sled, enjoying a unique experience that combines speed with the strength of the animals within a natural setting of great beauty.



And, for ice lovers, another good experience is diving under it. Yes, it is possible in Switzerland. To do this, you have to go to Lake Lioson. Under its icy layer you can see the crystal clear water and admire a beautiful play of lights from the frozen world while diving among the fish. Ice bubbles are also observed.

Sticking with the ice, why not build an igloo ? It is another alternative to enjoy Switzerland in order to spend the night in towns and far from the main population centers. You just have to go to the Flüelatal valley to do the construction and spend the night there. If you don’t want to build, but you want to sleep in an igloo, the alternative is to sleep in those in areas like Gstaad where you have sleeping bags that are resistant to winter temperatures and sheepskins . Some even have a Jacuzzi.

Fishing enthusiasts can practice this sport on Lake Melchsee-Frutt through a small hole like an Eskimo to try to catch a good alpine trout or some other specimen that is usually attracted by the outside light.


And Switzerland also offers possibilities to enjoy skiing in a different way. At the Vaud resort, Skicross is practiced, thanks to the curves , slopes or jumps that can be done just as acrobatic skiers do.

To fly

And, for those who prefer to fly, a good activity is to fly over the valleys and snow-capped mountains of Switzerland. For example, in Grindelwald First, there is a kind of zip line in which people are face down and fly at 80 kilometers per hour.

It is calmer to enjoy a fondue in a gondola , a cable car in which it is possible to take other products such as Valais white wine, brandy tea or a dessert.


Another unforgettable experience is sleeping in a 120 million year old cave. It is Höllock and it is in Muotathal. In this environment, there is the largest cave system in Europe. In addition, it has the peculiarity that the moon always shines, regardless of the weather. Of course, it is cool because the temperature is constant at six degrees .

The cave has more than 200 explored kilometers and the experience allows you to immerse yourself in its depths or to observe stalactites and rock formations that are more than 120 million years old.