The aeolian islands, near sicily

The Aeolian or Aeolian Islands constitute a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea, near the northeast coast of Sicily , formed by seven main islands: Lipari (the capital) with its 10 500 inhabitants is the most important and the largest, Stromboli a volcano At 900 meters, it still emits burning lava, it is the only active volcano in Europe together with Etna in Sicily and Vulcano is a volcano 391 meters high and its crater (500 meters in diameter) still emits some fumaroles, Alicudi , Filicudi , Panarea and Salina .

World Heritage

Currently, the islands are a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in December 2000 , due to the richness of its ecosystems and the beauty of its landscapes, preserved in some points and altered in others by uncontrolled tourist construction.

To get to the Aeolias we can depart from both mainland Italy and Sicily, that is, from Reggio Calabria or Naples, or from Messina and Milazzo via boats or ferries (traguetti), whose frequency increases in summer, taking place even departures from Palermo and Cefalù.

Tourists come to the Aeolian Islands, attracted by the incandescent lava of Stromboli, the coquetry of Lípari, the boat rides of Panarea, the sight of the sulfur slopes of Vulcano, or the cliffs of Filicudi.