The Azores

The Azores are a group of 9 islands that are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean , between Europe and America. They are a paradise for those who love nature. We are going to describe them one by one:

Santa Maria . It is next to Sao Miguel. It is formed by large slopes covered with vineyards. Here is the chapel of Los Anjos where Columbus prayed on his return trip from the discovery of America.

Sao Miguel . It is the largest island. You can enjoy great landscapes with countless flowers and beautiful lagoons.

Terceira . It is the most historic, since it is where Angra do Heroísmo is located, the first European city born in the Atlantic, declared a World Heritage Site.

Funny . It is very small. It is characterized by its mysterious lagoon located at the bottom of a volcanic cave. We can also find its fields covered with vineyards in which the blades of many mills are shaken.

Sao Jorge . Ideal destination for hiking. Abundance of trails and established routes, all facilitated by the lack of highways.

Peak . The mountain that rises from the sea. Its vineyards are situated in black lava fields. Great whaling tradition.

Faial . Its beaches are of dark sand, but the different shades of blue that decorate the houses, have given the name to the island of Isla Azul.

Flowers . It is like a large garden that surrounds the sea. It is made up of several lagoons excavated by volcanoes.

Corvo . Curious miniature island with a large crater in the center.

The Azores enjoy a temperate climate all year round, without great variations in temperature.