The beaches of Sardinia

The coast of Sardinia is dotted with beautiful beaches lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters. Some time ago, the president of Sardinia prohibited building near the beach . There is a protected radius of two kilometers before reaching these beaches so that the coastline remains intact for a long time.

One of the most important beaches in the area is Spargi . Its sand is white, its waters are crystal clear and its waves are very small. To the northeast you can find the so-called Costa Smeralda, which is the most luxurious beach area. There you must visit the Liscia Rula cove and Spiaggia Capriccioli. The northwest area is perfect for those on a tighter budget. There you can go to the small fishing port of Alghero.

To the north you will find the most turquoise waters. Come to La Pelosa beach, near Stintino in the extreme northwest of the island, or an even better plan may be to rent a boat to reach Asinara the national park. In the eastern area you will find dozens of coves and perfect cliffs full of perfect curves.

Tourists who decide to take a trip to all the beaches of Sardinia are usually delighted with Playa Luna , not only for the quality of the sea and sand, but for the area surrounding the beach in general. You can even find magnificent caves in which you can take beautiful photographs. Don’t forget to stop by Cala Gonone.