The best beaches in Barbados

Barbados is a nation that is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and that belongs to the Lesser Antilles . It is one of the countries in America with the greatest social, cultural and economic development, so much so that it is only behind the United States and Canada. Tourism is one of the strengths of Barbados and the reason for this article. Specifically, the beaches of Barbados, paradises with crystal clear waters and fine white sand and where you can also practice a wide variety of water sports. On the East Coast you have the best place for surfing. Of all the beaches in Barbados I take four:

Bathsheba : it is the wildest beach of all there are in Barbados and the one that has been least exploited by man. You will find it in its purest state with wonderful vegetation and many rocks. It is one of the ideal places to go surfing.

Saint Philip : this beach reminds me of the island from the Lost series. It has a huge forest with palm trees and many varieties of trees. It is one of the ones with the most tourists.

Crane : it is one of the largest beaches and has a spectacular coral reef.

Dover : It is reputed to be the most comfortable beach in Barbados. It is next to a hotel and as a peculiarity it has a lot of giant tortoises.

There are many more beaches but I think these are the most remarkable. Anyway, in any one you will be in glory since it is an island that is very developed and all the hotel complexes are great, which would be classified as luxury here. In addition to going to the beach, you can also visit a wildlife reserve, take a helicopter ride, take an excursion. Of the excursions that there are, one of the ones that most catches my attention is the exploration of caves , it has to be fascinating.