The best beaches in Punta del Este

Beach tourism, a fantastic way to enjoy a few days of vacation without doing anything but rest and relax. At VuelaViajes we always recommend the best places to visit anywhere in the world, which includes some of the best beaches you can find. Today I would like to write about some of the best beaches in the world, those of Punta del Este .

This place is in Uruguay and brings together some of the best beaches in South America thanks to its spectacular landscapes and all the fun you can find there. Punta del Este is one of the most attractive places in the whole country and among its beaches you can find waters of both the La Plata River and the Atlantic Ocean. These are the best beaches in Punta del Este :

Brava Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches and it is so called because its waves are very strong and there is always a lot of wind , so its waters are very rough.

Mansa Beach

It is totally opposite to the previous one since it is very calm as far as its waters are concerned. It is bathed by the waters of the Rio de La Plata and has a beautiful greenish hue. Its waves are very calm so it is perfect for swimming with the family.

El Placer Beach

It is at the mouth of the Maldonado stream and it is a beach of fine sand where there is usually not a very strong wave.

El Emir Beach

Its sand is between fine and medium and it is very beautiful since it also has some stones .

Punta Ballena

It is one of the most famous and is known more as a seaside resort since it does not have what is really considered a beach. The water is reached by going down a few stones that form a small peninsula and has a minimum depth of about 2 meters as soon as you pass the shore.

Chihuahua Beach

It is a nudist beach that has been the most famous among lovers of nudism for more than 10 years.