The best beaches on Isla Margarita

On Isla Margarita you can find some of the best Venezuelan beaches, undoubtedly an ideal place to enjoy a few days of vacation in the sun and resting. In them you can also do various activities or sports, so they are ideal destinations to combine rest and adventure on your vacation.

There are many beaches on Isla Margarita so I have prepared a short summary of the best so that you can know what you are going to find in each one of them. Take note:

The 7 most popular

Puerto Cruz Beach : It is a very quiet beach that is to the north of the island and is ideal to rest and relax. In this area are some of the best hotel complexes on the island.

Playa la Restinga : It is one of the best if you like surfing since the best waves in the area are concentrated here. It is 22 kilometers long.

Guacuco Beach : It is one of the most touristy since it is very close to the center of the island. Its waters are very calm so it is the ideal beach if you like to take a quiet bath or if you bring children.

Manzanillo Beach : One of the most paradisiacal and spectacular on Isla Margarita, not only thanks to its landscape but also because in that area there are the best local food restaurants on the island (fish specialists).

Punta Arenas Beach : You will probably find the best landscapes if you are on this beach, with a spectacular combination of various factors of nature.

Playa Parguito : Very good also for surfing, also occupying one of the first positions among the favorites of both islanders and tourists. It is in the north of the island.

Playa Caribe : If you like to combine party and beach, this will undoubtedly be the ideal place thanks to its many open-air nightclubs.