The best cities in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is approaching and there are many people who want to spend this important night in some very special place where they can also know what other ways to celebrate it, since not in all parts of the world grapes are taken when entering a new anus.

Today I offer you a few cities to spend New Year’s Eve in an original way and getting to know new traditions outside of our country, take note:

London : I celebrated the passage to 2004 there and I remember it in a spectacular way since there are spectacular fires in front of the London Eye that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Trafalgar Square is where most people concentrate for the countdown that will take you to the new year, although there are no grapes or anything like that, just count the last 10 seconds out loud. Then you have a lot of shows and parties throughout the city, including in the theaters where the most important plays have a special function to welcome the new year.

Paris : Without a doubt one of the most romantic options to wish your partner Bonne Année (Happy New Year). You can celebrate it in fancy restaurants, in nightclubs or outdoors in many of the places where special parties are held. The fireworks display is also worth seeing while sipping a glass of champagne on the Champs Elysees, where people start to gather at 9pm to toast there for the new year. Unforgettable.

Venice : Another of the most romantic and special destinations and where tourists usually go to a typical restaurant to celebrate the new year. In St. Mark’s Square everyone gathers to watch the fireworks and count down to ring in the new year. The festivities usually last until the next morning since they say that it is very lucky to see the sunrise on the first day of the year.
New York : One of the most special and spectacular, at least for me. Thousands of people flock to Times Square to see the famous ball drop that brings the new year. I recommend you bring warm clothes and, if you want to get a good place, leave at least at 3 in the afternoon to be able to enjoy everything from the best place. Take some food with you, although afterwards you will find a lot of places where you can dine as we enter the new year.

Las Vegas : Also very original since you can enjoy all the cities of the world in one and with all the luxuries you can imagine. Light and sound shows through the streets, fireworks and very special parties in all the hotels in the city. It is the liveliest night of the year in the city of the game, and that every day there seems to be a party.