The best European destinations in 2012

Every year a lot of lists come out with many things that are of interest in different sectors. In tourism there are also a few that offer the best destinations , monuments, museums, natural parks, etc. Recently a study came out that was done through the internet to find out which were the favorite European destinations of Internet users and thus be able to draw up a list with the most voted.

It is tremendously noteworthy that this year large capitals such as Paris, London, Rome or Madrid are not among the best destinations, which is a clear sign that they are also the most expensive and most viewed cities. Thus, the protagonists of this list are also very interesting cities and to which traveling will also be cheaper. Take note of the best European destinations in 2012 :

Porto : One of the two main cities in Portugal and that every year gains more tourists. A city with a lot of history in which you can discover very interesting places.

Vienna : If you like natural landscapes and palaces, it is undoubtedly your ideal city thanks to the magnificent legacy that remained from the time of Empress Sissi.

Dubrovnik : Croatian city that is growing a lot in tourism thanks to the multitude of cruise ships arriving there every week. A city surrounded by a wall and with spectacular landscapes.

Prague : The Czech capital has always been one of the most interesting and it is also one of the cheapest in Europe, both in accommodation and in means of transport and services. A perfect option to tour several European cities or to visit if you are on a budget.

Brussels : The Belgian capital is always on everyone’s lips as it houses the seat of the European government and the major political decisions are made there. A city in which you have a multitude of places to discover.

Berlin : The German city is the only major European capital to make it into this ranking thanks to its competitive tourism and its countless places of interest both in the city itself and in the surroundings.