The best hotels of the world

Today we want you to know what for us are the 3 best hotels in the world . Authentic architectural wonders that provide spectacular relaxation and facilities to its guests. Luxury accommodations that are within reach of few pockets but that are worth stepping on at least once in your life.

1- Burj Al-Arab (Dubai)

It is without a doubt the best of all. It is a 321-meter high building (making it the second tallest in the world) that is located on an artificial island, 270 meters from the beach in the Arabian Gulf, in Dubai. If the emirate is already known for the wealth that moves in it, this hotel is even more so for the class of clients that meet.

It was inaugurated in December 1999 and its design is reminiscent of a sailing boat. On the roof of the hotel we can find a heliport, ideal for clients to arrive right at their destination without having to bother with the journey from the airport.

Inside we find 9 restaurants, one of them underwater and the other located 200 meters above sea level, ideal for enjoying stunning views. It has 200 double suites, the dimensions of which range from 169 to 780 square meters. Spending a night in the Royal suite costs nothing more and nothing less than $ 28,000, doing it in the cheapest about 5,600 euros. In addition, of course, it has a car rental service. But you can’t rent just any car, no, you have to rent one of the Rolls-Royces that are provided for it.

2- Hotel Oberoi Amarvilas (India)
Located in Agra, India, the Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel exudes luxury and good views from every corner. It is just over 600 meters from the wonderful Taj Mahal and has very little to do with the poverty that this Asian country suffers.

The rooms offer a special tranquility. They have air conditioning, laundry, newspaper, telephone (cable or satellite), television, 24 hours, room service, oven, microwave, DVD, electronic safe, coffee maker, mini bar, In addition, the cuisine offered is exquisite, combining the best of India and mainland China.

As you are immersed in a predominantly Hindu country, you can practice yoga at different levels of classes held in the garden. It also has Spa therapy, gym, sauna, steam rooms, outdoor pool …

3- Hotel Maroma Resort & Spa (Mexico)

It is located in Cancun, very close to the paradisiacal beaches that can be found there. It is located in the middle of the tropical jungle of the Riviera Maya and nature and the best materials come together to offer a very pleasant stay.

Its large pool is the least of it, because the best thing in that area is to visit the beaches. Personal attention and artisanal creation have made this hotel have won many awards in recent years. Those who have visited it assure that they will repeat.

The tropical flowers make an appearance inside the room and the rest of the flora is manifested by slightly opening the window. Inside you will feel maximum comfort and you will not have to worry about anything. In addition, countless treatments are offered to make it a dream vacation. It is ideal for couples.