The best kept secrets of hotels

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Although more and more people are opting for non-traditional accommodation methods, such as exchanging homes, or who opt for inexpensive alternatives, such as hostels and campsites, the truth is that hotels are still the most chosen among the vast majority of hotels. travelers, among other things because they convey more confidence. However, we must bear in mind that there are many things that we do not know about them, since there are people who are in charge of hiding them. Luckily, there are also people who want to tell us.

Now, thanks to a survey that the newspaper " The Independent " has carried out through the social network Reddit, we have discovered some of the best kept secrets of hotels. And it is that there were many workers who told their experiences without revealing their names due to possible consequences in their work. Do you want to discover those secrets? Well, watch out!

Deaths in rooms

Did you know that hotels never talk about deaths that happen inside the rooms? Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! Logically, it is sometimes the case that a guest dies, mostly by suicide , but the lodgings try to keep it a secret to avoid what they call "black tourism". This means that, in addition to preventing bad news, they want travelers attracted to death-related sites not to book their rooms.

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Dirty corners

In general, we tend to find hotel rooms quite clean. However, we must not forget that the service does not have much time to clean each room, so there are corners that are usually dirtier than we would like, although at first glance they go unnoticed by our senses. In the survey, some employees said that duvets and bedspreads are rarely washed, nor is the broom passed under the bed. Of course, they usually go from cleaning some hard-to-reach corners.


Although in some television programs dedicated to travel we have seen how some hotel owners bragged about the celebrities who had stayed in their rooms, it is normal for this information to be kept secret. Directors tend to be very discreet with the arrival of celebrities and, thus, avoid being overwhelmed by the media. In fact, it is normal for workers’ contracts to have confidentiality clauses.

Cancel a reservation

The normal thing is that the hotels do not return the money when canceling a reservation at the last minute. However, although the directors will never tell you, there is a trick to avoid it. It is as simple as calling to delay the reservation for a few days and, the next day, calling again to cancel the reservation.

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The functions of the goalkeeper

Another thing that guests often don’t know is that hotel doormen have other functions besides opening the door. And it is that these types of employees have access to laundries, water bottles and tampons. In addition, they also usually have information about companies that carry out interesting excursions.


When we stay in a hotel we usually rest assured that our belongings will be safe. However, thefts by employees and other customers are more frequent than is believed. Of course, there are also many guests who take things home, such as towels, TV controls or DVD players.

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Other secrets

In addition to all the secrets that we have just told you, there are many other confidentialities about hotels. For example, some employees claim that they receive rather unusual tips, such as restaurant checks from far away countries, bottles of wine or tickets to soccer games. More unpleasant is that they reward you with Monopoly bills. As for the water glasses in the sink and those in the coffee maker, it is better to avoid them, since they are not usually very clean. The same goes for the TV controls, which are never cleaned.