The borough of the Bronx

The borough of the Bronx is one of the best known of all the districts of New York and is the one that is further north and is the only one that is not on the island of Manhattan but on the mainland, having an approximate population of one million and half of inhabitants. It is a neighborhood well known for the deterioration suffered by many of its areas and because it is the most conflictive and problematic of all, at least that is what the legend says, because a woman as glamorous as Jennifer López grew up there, so it must be the exception that proves the rule.

In the part that borders the Hudson River you can see a spectacular landscape of typical American houses with gardens and parents and children playing baseball or American football. To be able to go to Manhattan from the Bronx you can use one of the subway lines that connect both places or elevated roads built for fast communication from any part of the city, although the most beautiful way to do the journey is by the normal highway and Crossing one of the ten bridges that cross the Harlem River is a real wonder.

In the Bronx you can see the mythical Yankees Stadium , where the New York Yankees baseball team plays and which will soon cease to be their place of play as they will move to another. You can also visit the Bronx Zoo or the New York Botanical Garden , one of the first in the United States and which has 48 gardens and a wide variety of plant collections. Among its gardens, two of the largest in New York, Pelham Bay and Van Cortlandt Park.

In the Bronx there are inhabitants who speak about 77 different languages, although the highest percentages are English 47.3% and Spanish 42.7%. A whole world to learn while you are going to visit New York. Sample of all those languages ​​are the many races that coexist in the same district, although Latinos predominate since they make up 51% of the total population of the Bronx.