The "Boutique" hotels of the Morgans group

With the advent of " Boutique " hotels, hospitality changed forever. This revolutionary concept and name was born with the Morgans Hotel, a hotel located on Madison Avenue, New York, in 1984. Since then, 25 years have passed, and the Morgan group of hotels has grown by leaps and bounds. The brand has managed to take its signature "away from home" by creating indescribable environments and providing travelers with an unbeatable personalized service.

The impact of Morgans hotel designs is impressive: each hotel has been designed with different interiors, making it clear that the hotels are totally independent from each other. No two are alike, each has unique influences, original artwork, and unique decor elements. Many famous designers are waiting for the chain to call them to decorate one of its new hotels.

The first Morgan hotel, New York, was designed by legendary designer Andrée Putman . Then, in 2008, they re-designed it to reinterpret the hotel space, pushing it to easily position itself as one of the best hotels of the 21st century. Technology has taken a leading role in the changes of the hotel, making staying there a spectacle. Guests can get to have interactive experiences that will surprise them.

Two other hotels in the chain have taken center stage in recent years: Royalton , the first property designed by Philippe Starck, and the Hudson a few meters from Central Park.