The city of Calgary

With the eastern face of the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, we find ourselves in Calgary . Local people, railways, cowboys, cattle and oil have come together to create a modern city with a very traditional background. The city enjoys its professional football matches and its hockey teams, but during the month of July the essential protagonist is the rodeo .

Calgary played host to the 1988 Winter Olympics . Its long downhill slopes are in Kananaskis , less than 90 minutes west of the city. If you want to be an intrepid adventurer, you cannot miss the Dinosaur Provincial Park . There you can find all kinds of fossils that will let your imagination run wild like a child’s.

There are other museums in the city that you should not miss: the Royal Museum of Drumheller Tyrell, the Glenbow Museum (it is one of the main museums in Canada), and the EPCOR (Center for the Performing Arts of theater and musicals). From June to September it is very likely that you can enjoy a lot of festivals and you will also find a greater number of open accommodations. Spring and fall offer calmer days and September can be a particularly rewarding trip as you’ll find a perfect combination of warm weather and fall foliage.

snow monkey
Although winter can be very cold, it is also one of the best times to visit the city. The abundant fluffy snow mixed with the clear and starry sky at night will allow you to see the most beautiful Northern Lights . Winter is also ideal for outdoor sports such as skiing .