The currency of Antarctica

Traveling to Antarctica is proposing to make one of the most exciting and adventurous trips that can be carried out today. If you are one of those who plan to visit this cold area during the southern summer, you should know that they have their own currency . But don’t worry, don’t panic, it’s not legal tender, it’s a collector’s edition.

The Antarctic dollar was born as a private project that serves so that those who want to have it can indulge themselves. An American company is the one that hides behind this "currency" that has been sold since 1996. In addition, they are now thinking of another project: creating the banknotes of the Galapagos Islands (we imagine that giant tortoises will appear instead of governors).

Several series can be purchased through the Internet . During the past month you could buy a 20 dollar bill from Antarctica . The official page is called Bank of Antarctica. To access it you will only have to type .