The Fairmont Banff Springs hotel

This hotel is located in the center of wildlife in Alberta (Canada) . As soon as you arrive you will see a kind of great Disney castle, with a Scottish touch. The best thing is that you buy a good map to get there and of course, a good plan of the immense castle since when you enter you will find endless stairs, vaulted ceilings, towers and stone columns that will make you lose yourself.

The rooms

At the bottom of the castle you will find the cozy Fairmont rooms with views of the mountains, and decorated with antique furniture. The downside is its size; it’s only 160 feet , and some only have views of the parking lot. So consider paying a little more and choosing the slightly more spacious rooms (260 feet) with views of the valley that you are sure to love.

The staff

This is one of its strongest points. The staff always have a friendly smile and an attitude that goes beyond the usual platitudes, but don’t expect to see the same person twice, unless you are staying for more than a week.


Don’t miss the Heritage Hall, with its illustrated history of Rocky Mountain culture and the Canadian Pacific Railroad . To unwind, relax in one of the three pools or in the waterfall of the mineral pool to soothe muscle aches. It has several restaurants but be careful because if the hotel is full these are always full and it will be difficult to find a table. Play golf on its 27-hole course, or book a cable car ride up the mountainside.