The history of Phnom Penh

The city of Phnom Penh often goes unnoticed by visitors who decide to spend their holidays in Cambodia. The capital of Cambodia has a great charm thanks to its colonial buildings, its pagodas and its riverside promenades. Those who decide to spend a few days there will discover a bustling city that, little by little, is emerging from its ashes.

During the Khmer Rouge rule the city was seriously damaged by the brutality of its rulers and the vast majority of its inhabitants were exiled. When the citizens were able to return, only the skeletons of the buildings in which they lived were found since they had looted and destroyed everything they could.

Decades later, life in the city has improved and there is great optimism in the atmosphere. Phnom Penh was founded in the 14th century , but it did not become the capital until 1866, when Cambodia became a French protectorate. The 20th century was a difficult time; it was occupied by the Japanese during World War II.

The invasion by the Vietnamese in 1979 began to help the area recover slowly. It suffered different political upheavals until the 1993 elections when it is considered that the new era of the city begins. Today , its historic center is made up of elegant restaurants, a large number of bars and shops, and some unbeatable hotels that aim to attract a greater number of tourists.