The island of New Caledonia

Visiting the island of New Caledonia will be something not to be forgotten in life. Discovering such beautiful new destinations is undoubtedly comforting for any self-respecting traveler. The island has very varied landscapes, from the Rivière Bleue (Blue River) or the red lands in the Great South to the extensive dry plains to the West, or the lush forests and waterfalls on the East Coast. In addition to having the largest lagoon in the world with 24,000 square kilometers and the famous ancient culture "Kanak".

Located in the southwest of the Pacific and two hours from Australia, New Caledonia is the third largest island in the Pacific , discovered by Europeans in the 18th century and named after the Scottish Highlands. Nouméa is its capital, a city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere due to its many hotels and services, located in the coastal area with two beaches: Baie des Citrons (Bay of Lemons) and Anse Vata (Vata Beach). In it we can meet different ethnic groups: Melanesian, Polynesian, Asian and French. With all kinds of stories to tell, different cuisines, heavenly music and great literatures that increase the richness of Caledonian culture.

New Caledonia has an enviable coastal landscape and very well preserved nature with unique ecosystems and endemic species. Diving is the tourist attraction of the islands, as it can be practiced near the immense barrier reef, in calm and crystalline waters where all kinds of colorful fish mix. A trip to the archipelago will allow us to enjoy a great place.

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, New Caledonia is the hottest destination for honeymoons. Its beautiful seabed, its turquoise and transparent waters, its exuberant vegetation , its beaches of fine white sand and its incredible restorative landscapes make the atmosphere of this wonderful island lost in the South Pacific more romantic.