The medieval town of Óbidos

Óbidos is one of the many fortified medieval cities that still remain around the world. This in particular is a beautiful Portuguese town that is located approximately 85 kilometers north of the city of Lisbon. It is the perfect prototype of what was a medieval city.

Its uniqueness and beauty is what attracts numerous tourists each year. Óbidos was built on a hill , and what surprises all who visit it are its incredible walls, preserved in perfect condition if we take into account all the time that has passed since they were built. It is worth strolling through its steep and twisting streets , and enjoying its beautiful houses.

At the top of the hill is also its imposing castle. Óbidos Castle , the name by which he is known, is of Roman origins. In the 20th century it had to be restored as a result of the damage it had suffered in 1755 as a result of an earthquake that took place in the area. Already in July 2007 the castle was declared one of the seven wonders of the country. Today the castle houses a hotel or pousada inside.

Inside its walls that still surround the entire town, you can find these beautiful white houses , whose walls are decorated with blue, green and yellow tiles (these are typical of this area of ​​Portugal). Its windows all have fresh flowers, which makes the walk through the town more beautiful. If you decide to visit this city, choose the month of July . You can enjoy all this, and also enjoy the magnificent medieval market that is held every year this month, in which historical re-enactments are carried out and typical products are sold.