The Medieval Train to Sigüenza

If you are interested in a unique way of sightseeing , this is a good idea. The medieval train to Sigüenza is a comfortable and fun initiative to discover a unique city. If you can make this trip, don’t miss this train! It is also cheap and fast . The only bad thing about it is that it only makes the tours in the months between March and November.

Sigüenza is a unique city with medieval vestiges, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy many Renaissance-style monuments . Located in Guadalajara you can also enjoy its beautiful places near the Henares River. The City of Doncel has among its wonders a Castle, a wall, the Jewish Quarter, the Cathedral and the Plaza Mayor. All of them are scenarios through which travelers on this medieval train can wander, and where they can enjoy the gastronomy and typical traditions of the area.

This tourist train, which has already been used by more than 44,000 people, always departs from Madrid , normally from the Chamartín station. It leaves at ten in the morning and in about two hours it reaches Sigüenza. Once there, some guides are the ones who pick up the travelers. With them the streets of the city are crossed on foot. Streets through which the years seem not to have passed.

A trip like the old ones used to be awaits you if you are one of those who like to travel. Do not miss this medieval experience that will transport you to the Middle Ages in no time. Medieval customs and traditions await you. Who said you couldn’t travel back in time?