The natural pools of Pamukkale

Naturally located above the Menderes river valley in southwestern Turkey , in the Denizli province, are some of the most beautiful and impressive natural pools in the world. The pools of Pamukkale – which in Turkish means "cotton castle" – have been completed over the years and have become a great tourist attraction highly recommended to see.

Although its name refers to a castle, it has nothing to do with what it really is. Pamukkale is made up of a set of calcareous formations that over the years have taken shape, thus generating this curious morphology that can be seen in the photograph. It is a huge geological formation of white color, which has been formed from calcium carbonate generated by calcium precipitations from the hot springs that flow through this place.

These hot springs in Pamukkale are very famous all over the world. The turquoise and white pools have been turned into a kind of natural spa . They appear to have beneficial effects on the skin and eyes, and are even believed to cure asthma and all types of rheumatism. In the area you can also find various hot springs and natural water sources.

It is a beautiful and unique natural setting in the world – which is why it was declared a World Heritage Site – at the top of which are also the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, and from which you can see one of the most beautiful views of the world.