The One & Only Palmilla Resort

At the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, located in the northwest of Mexico Peninsula, a private complex has opened its doors surrounded by an atmosphere of incredible elegance and serenity. The tourist complex is called One & Only Palmilla and is made up of a total of 13 luxury casitas located in front of the sea. The style of the houses is characterized by being of contemporary Mexican architecture.

Each casita has its own private pool and an impressive terrace that will allow you to see the ocean from your bed. You can also enjoy a good bath in the jacuzzi . In the enclosure there are different outdoor gastronomic facilities that will allow you to enjoy the delicacies of the area.

Guests of One & Only Palmilla can enjoy two different concepts: first the style (awarded with Michelin stars) of chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten that mixes the best Mexican nuances with traditional ingredients. The second style is the one you will find in the Suviche bar, where you can enjoy a fusion between the local flavors of Mexico and those of Asia. A traditional Japanese chef, selected by Jean-Georges in Tokyo, will prepare a delicious selection of fresh sushi for you.

For maximum privacy, One & Only Palmilla has also opened a completely independent villa called Villa Cortés , perched on the cliffs above the Sea of ​​Cortez. It consists of a total of 10,500 square meters, among which you can find four bedrooms. It has 24-hour room service and among its facilities you can enjoy a private spa, a cinema for 12 people, an office and an outdoor kitchen.