The queues of Port Aventura on Halloween

This coming weekend is Halloween weekend. However, in Port Aventura they have been immersed in a special that covers practically two months since September 26, until November 22. On those dates we can enjoy a ghostly set, full of pumpkins and monsters that are strolling through the amusement park located in Vila-Seca, Tarragona.

Although you have to take your hat off with the setting and the attractions set up for the occasion, it must be said that a Saturday can be eternal there. I had the opportunity to go to the amusement park a week ago and I was very disappointed. It was crowded and it was all queues and more queues, a wasted day and a ticket that despite the discount it had seemed more expensive than it seemed.

As always, you can enjoy attractions such as the Hurakan Condor , the Dragon Kahn , the Furius Baco or the Stampida . But in addition, you will have the opportunity to feel the fear in the first person with other attractions that are cataloged with different degrees of terror according to the pumpkins they have. The ones with three pumpkins are the scariest. Some of these are The Devil’s Mine, The Forest of Fear, The Undead of Penitence or The Parade of the Monsters.

The worst of all is that you will have to queue all day. As soon as you enter, you will sneak in to get your ticket. Once you have managed to enter the amusement park, you will suffer very long lines of up to 3 hours to go up to your favorite attractions. In fact, I got to see a line of up to 4 hours for a scary attraction that only took place at night. Finally, you will also have to queue to eat, of course.

The bottom line is that you don’t go to Port Aventura on a Halloween Saturday. You can do that or opt for the Express pass, twice as expensive but very profitable for a day like the one I suffered on my own.