The records of the city of Dubai

Did you know that Dubai is planning the biggest fireworks show ever to celebrate the arrival of 2014? If they finally do it, something very likely, it would be just one more record to add to the list. And it is that at the stroke of the checkbook and Guiness record, the one that will host the 2020 Universal Exhibition is making the United Arab Emirates an increasingly popular tourist destination.

Today we want you to learn about some of the most amazing records that the luxurious city of Dubai has already broken. Ready? Well here we go!

The largest building in the world

First of all we are going to talk about the Burj Khalifa , the largest building in the world. They are 828 meters of concrete, steel and glass. This Tower of Babel was built by workers of dozens of different nationalities.

The largest shopping center in the world

The Mall of Emirates is the largest shopping center on the planet, to the point that it houses waterfalls, aquarium, ice rink, fountains of considerable proportions … In total there are 111 hectares of surface and 1,200 stores where you can find a commercial offer that includes an impressive catalog of brands. With 52 million visitors a year, it welcomes more people than the entire city of New York receives in the same period of time.


The most expensive hotel in the world

Nor can we forget the Burj Al Arab , the most expensive hotel on the planet and the first 7 stars in the world. In the form of a sailboat more than 300 meters high, its prices range between 2,300 euros for a normal room and 30,000 for a suite. Among other quirks, it features a 24-karat gold-plated iPad as a virtual concierge, a 24-hour butler, and Rolls Royces.

The jewelery area with the most jewels per square meter

Finally, we are going to talk about the gold souk, known as the Golden Souk , which is the jewelery area of ​​Dubai where the largest number of jewels per square meter is concentrated. Also, the largest gold ring is found here.